Life of Don't

Don't smile don't frown don't tease don't volunteer don't sacrifice don't dispossess don't eat don't grow don't get too sad don't drink don't nag don't sit don't stand don't feel don't feel don't feel don't feel don't feel don't feel too much don't show you care don't call them out don't stay too late don't make it loud don't bite your lip don't wear that skirt don't feel my breath don't make him mad don't sit that way don't take up time don't take up space don't let him go don't make him wait don't touch yourself don't act a slut don't take his hand don't tell him no don't use your words don't cry don't cry don't make him yours don't make them watch don't let him wander don't you want him don't resist don't let him leave don't forget don't forget don't be forgotten don't forget don't you forget don't be so foolish don't believe don't be so strong don't feel so whole don't risk it all don't ache on don't ache on don't ache don't write on.